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Located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Factual TV (2009) solely crafts websites, organises events and workshops, and trains marginalised individuals on how to be digital media savvy.

Workshops & Events + Crafting Websites + Digital Media Training


HY Leong can put your life in order. Well, almost. Trained in Binghamton, USA and Sydney, Australia, this double-degree holder is a media specialist and Queen Organiser! Over at Factual TV Sdn Bhd, she is a filmmaker, but over here at Factual TV, she helps non-profits, marginalised communities, education- and women/children-oriented groups and cottage industries.

HY has been crafting websites for 25 years so if you need a more substantial online presence beyond ‘thumbs up’ and ‘bluebirds’, she can whip up a basic website in a week or a more multi-layered site in a month to promote your organisation or cause. Content can be yours or hers.

For marginalised individuals, generally people in the B40 category, HY trains individuals to be digital media savvy. She enjoys planning and executing workshops and site visits for as many as 50 people including accommodation, transportation and catering!


Hornbill Guardians

At the edge of Temenggor Lake in Hulu Perak, the boat laden with food provisions for a night and two days’ stay is ready to depart the jetty. Yeap

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Punctually at 9am, they rode in on motorbikes, a few riding pillion. Looking around the wooden table, faces of school-going children, adolescents and barely adults are the managers and

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It's time we work together on your story.

I'll help you to organise a workshop, train your staff, or craft a website so you may promote your organisation, business or cause to a larger audience. E-mail me to start the conversation.

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Our Team
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