The Bomb Listener

History Channel (Tracking Asia’s Fish Bomber)
International Distribution

Production Credits

  • HonYuen Leong


  • chi too


  • Syahreez Redza

    Location Sound-Audio Engineer

  • Allan Baddock


  • Andres Williams


  • Dr Elizabeth Wood

    Science Advisor – Additional Filming

  • Syaiful Adzwan Hashim

    Camera/Sound Assistant-UAV

  • Richard Pepito & Taufik Benji

    Safety Divers

  • Ebek, Ippo, Kenedy, Basir Amat & Syaiful Shuib

    Re-enactment Cast

Second Unit (Scotland)

  • Scott Houston

    Camera Operator

  • Gordon Sommerville

    Camera Assistant


  • Anwar Suhaimi


  • Amir Rashid


  • Audio Network


  • Factual TV

    Promotional Stills

  • Vivien Yeow & Ali Alasri


  • Rhena Ismail

    Translation (Bajau)

  • Ursilan Zaki

    Additional Translation

Thanks To

Boni Antiu
ASP Safardi Abd Samad
Siew Yeen Lee
Nattelee Lim
Francis Juru
Faedzul Rahman
Emily Wood

The Board of Trustees of the Sabah Parks
Tun Sakaran Marine Park
Marine Conservation Society UK
University of St Andrews
SA Instrumentation Ltd
Reef Check Malaysia
Green Semporna

Chief Minister’s Department, Sabah
Royal Malaysian Marine Police
Semporna District Police HQ, Sabah
Eastern Sabah Security Command
Royal Malaysian Police HQ Bukit Aman
Semporna District Office
Department of Fisheries Sabah
Malaysian Documentary Association


Lau Joon-Nie
Olivia Tay
Serina Rahman
Lei Leng Ong
SL Wong
Michelle Lee
Ruth Horrigan


Semporna Marine Police
Royal Malaysian Police
Vu-Hung Quan
Zsolt Sasdi/
Marine Conservation Society UK

For A+E Networks Asia

Production Manager
Kar Lai Wong

Executive Producer
Chris Humphrey

SVP Programming & Production
Michele Schofield

Produced by Factual TV Sdn Bhd
for A+E Networks Asia

Produced with financial assistance from
Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission

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Jamie Valiant Ng

Project Coordinator & Field Officer, Semporna Islands Project

Since 2010, Jamie has worked closely with Dr Elizabeth Wood and Sabah Parks on projects such as education road shows to primary schools in Semporna and Kota Kinabalu, coral reef monitoring and restoration and most recently on Acoustics Detection for Anti-fish bombing project. These experiences have given him a deeper appreciation for everyone that is involved in protecting and conserving the natural environment for future generations.


Anu (not his real name)

Ex-Fish Bomber

Anu’s father and grandfather relied on the seas for their livelihoods. During his early teens, Anu’s father eventually taught him how to manufacture home-made fish bombs to bomb coral reefs as the catch was always plentiful and quicker than traditional line fishing.


Abdul Hafiz Matlah

Enforcement Ranger, Sabah Parks

Hafiz has been with Sabah Parks since 2008. In 2013, Hafiz was posted to Boheydulang Island and in 2015 to Sibuan Island – both are ranger stations within the Tun Sakaran Marine Park, Semporna. His duties include overseeing tourists arrivals, search & rescue, and patrolling islands and seas with his staff especially in the No Take Zones – areas off limits for fishing. Despite the threats he has received from fish bombers, Hafiz remains dedicated to his job as an enforcement ranger of Sabah Parks.


Sgt Jefridin Harun

Officer-in-charge, Patrol Boat, Royal Malaysian Marine Police

Jefridin has been serving in Semporna for more than 14 years. During crime prevention rounds, he patrols cover Tun Sakaran Marine Park and nearby outlying islands. Unlike Sabah Parks who are restricted to marine park boundaries, the marine police are able to patrol anywhere as long as the area is within Malaysian waters.


Dr Elizabeth Wood

Project Leader & Manager, Semporna Islands Project

Elizabeth is the project leader of the Acoustics Programme and a consultant for the Marine Conservation Society UK. Since 1998 she has managed the ‘Semporna Islands Project’ (SIP), a collaborative venture between MCSUK and Sabah Parks with a mission to protect biodiversity and promote sustainable use of natural resources in one of the most important reef areas in Malaysia.


Dr. Douglas Gillespie

Research Fellow, Sea Mammal Research Unit, University of St Andrews

Douglas has a PhD in physics and since 1995 has been working on software based systems for the automatic detection, classification and localisation of marine mammal sounds – which the passive acoustic monitoring technology was initially used for.


    Systems Engineer, SA Instrumentation Ltd


    Senior Engineer, SA Instrumentation Ltd


    Fisherman, Maiga Island


    Honorary Park Ranger, Boheybual Village


    Founder Reef Defenders


    Director, Oceanway Corporation Ltd

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